Domestic Violence

A domestic violence arrest requires little showing of the evidence. In fact, it could just be another person’s word against yours.

Law Enforcement and the court views domestic violence cases very seriously. Domestic violence is generally defined as violence between people in a current or former romantic relationship or people that are co-habitating. However, this definition is not exclusive since co-tenants can also be charged with domestic violence.

The Prosecutor generally looks at the evidence in these types of cases very narrowly by only reading from the police reports and statements made by the alleged victim. However, Stone Law will analyze the facts of your specific situation and can contact Law Enforcement or the Prosecutor to explain your side of the story. Some domestic violence cases may be downgraded or rejected all together by the filing deputy when you have an experienced and competent attorney representing you at the earliest stages of the investigation. However, we STRONGLY ADVISE that you do not speak with law enforcement on your own, without an experienced attorney present.

Let Stone Law fight on your behalf to avoid being charged with a domestic violence case. For more information or a specific DV consultation, contact Stone Law today.