Laura Stone has been my DUI Attorney since about 2002.

I had hired another attorney by referral who was your stereotypical jerk lawyer that made me wait in the lobby an hour past our appointment time and then scowled at ME telling me that I could find another attorney if I didn’t like it. When i finally sat down with him He made me feel secondary for his attention and at all times he exuded the personality of a man who thinks very highly of himself.

I had already paid him a $1500 retainer so I was basically stuck with him.

The case was actually dismissed on technicalities, which honestly were SO glaring that ANY decent lawyer could have accomplished this if they had simply done their job right.

Regardless, I was grateful when the judge read his decision to dismiss this case. My lawyer immediately stooped over to whisper into my ear that he should have charged me an additional $3000!


Now, at that time Laura was working in the same office as him and was tasked with helping with my case.
From what I could tell, she had done most of the footwork in my case and when I sat down with HER the change in our interpersonal communication was dramatic!

First, I felt as though I had her undivided attention. She also treated me with kindness which I was grateful for considering the anxiety that facing such trouble can bring to a person. I felt reassured that she was seriously considering all aspects and avenues of approach to the case to help lighten the damnation that I was facing for what would have been my 2nd DUI in 3 years.

I’m not proud of my behavior then when I was drinking and driving. In fact, It took another 2 DUI convictions in 2004 and 2009 and then 2 MORE years of my heaviest drinking yet, (albeit with a revoked drivers license) for me to quit drinking altogether.

Laura Stone was my lawyer of choice for both my 2nd and 3rd offense AND my lawyer in 2007 for my crime of driving with alcohol in my system, (.06) in violation of my probation at the time. She gave me a good deal AND she cut a good deal with the Prosecutor to let me off easy on that one.
I am 800 days sober now as of today.

My sobriety date is 3/25/2011.

It should be noted that during all this time I had referred 2 friends, one of them a relative to Laura for her services; one for DUI and another for a personal injury case. Both friends were satisfied with Laura’s representation and their cases came out highly favorable.

Laura Stones professionalism, punctuality and legal know how are exemplary. But, as I’ve stated before, there is something more with this woman.
It is her ability to reassure me while i am under extreme duress that I have solid help on my side, that a real professional is looking out for my interests while i am mentally freaking out; a Lawyer who speaks to me as a person not just a client as she’s talking to me through the glass of L.A. County. A Lawyer who doesn’t jack up the price of her representation out of my reach.

A lawyer who has gotten me through the accountability phase of my reckless troubles more than I care to remember.

After dealing with Laura Stone for all these years, I would highly recommend her as the Go-To-Girl for any friend or relative who might need a lawyer.
In fact I already have!

Best Of Luck To You!