Medical Marijuana

MARIJUANA remains illegal under Federal Law; however, California allows a qualified patient to possess and/or cultivate marijuana. The amount of Marijuana that is allowable under the statute depends upon the patient’s status and the county or city in which they live. The California Medical Marijuana laws are not black and white and are often misunderstood by both law enforcement and patients alike.

Stone Law has been a crusader in the legalization movement for over 20 plus years and has experience in handling medical marijuana cases throughout the state of California. Stone Law has achieved recognized success in getting charges reduced and/or dismissed entirely. Laura Stone is passionate about advocating for Medical Marijuana Patients and fights tirelessly when law enforcement arrest and seizes your medicine; and then attempts to prosecute you for possession, cultivation or transportation marijuana when you are a documented medical marijuana patient. We encourage you to make an appointment today to find out your rights as a medical Marijuana patient.

Stone Law will ensure that your situation is independently evaluated. Our lawyers will investigate your potential status as a Medical Marijuana Patient and the rights that follow:

  • Is the client a primary caregiver?
  • Is the client part of a cooperative or collective?
  • Does the client have a doctor’s recommendation to possess or grow marijuana?

If you are under investigation or are currently being prosecuted for possessing, transporting, cultivating, or possession for sales of marijuana, you need a knowledgeable attorney who will aggressively fight for you and your rights as a Patient. Don’t let yourself be prosecuted based on law enforcements misunderstanding of the law. For more information or a Medical Marijuana consultation regarding your rights, contact Stone Law today.