Reviewing someone’s criminal record is a common procedure today. Whether you are applying to rent a home, obtain money from a bank, or are applying for employment, all of whom might have access to your previous convictions and overall record. .

Common questions about expungements are: Can I own a gun? Do I have to tell employers that I have been convicted of a crime? Do I have to still register as a sex offender? Can I get my record expunged if I have a probation violation? Can I expunge my record if I’ve been state prison?

California Penal Code 1203.4 allows a person who has been convicted of a crime to expunge their record by court order. Individuals eligible under 1203.4 can have their lawyer go back to court and change their “guilty” plea to “dismissed.”

The most common reason for obtaining relief pursuant to P.C. 1203.4 is to allow a person who was previously convicted to be able to state on non-governmental employment application that their charge was dismissed pursuant to 1203.4. However, relief under P.C. 1203.4 does not clear your record in its entirety and it continues to exist and have certain effects.

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