Laura Stone
  • Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Laura Stone

  • I must say that Laura is an excellent attorney that is highly knowledgeable about the law

    — R.Y.

  • She is someone who genuinely cares about her clients, works around the clock

    — K.S.

  • Working with Laura Stone is like having a guardian angel.

    — B.H.

  • A lawyer to trust.

    — C.S.

  • Experience and an excellent reputation consistently allow her to obtain amazing results.

    — M.R.

In the Media

Are in you in trouble? Have you been arrested? Are you under investigation by Law Enforcement?

Being accused or charged with a crime is a serious event in anyone’s life. It is vital that the you select an effective and experienced attorney like Laura Stone who has over 20 plus years of criminal defense experience. Stone Law brings a proactive and creative approach to each and every case and can help you solve your problem.

Retaining Ms. Stone, an experienced defense attorney can mean the difference between a record that will haunt you for the rest of your life or being free to pursue your future dreams.

Laura Stone's misson

Laura Stone’s clients will tell you that she “truly cares about her clients.”

Laura and her team will work hard to get you the best possible result for your case, be it criminal or civil.

She will ensure that you fully understand the judicial process and that you are fully involved as part of the team. She will provide advice and answers to enable you make informed and knowledgeable decisions. Laura Stone will be able to make you feel safe and confident that someone is truly looking out for your best interests.

We are on your side and are here to protect you and your rights!

How Stone Law can assist you

Stone Law represents individuals accused of all types of criminal charges from misdemeanors to serious felonies in both State and Federal court. You can count on your team here to independently evaluate your case by investigating each potential defense and possible constitutional technicalities. At Stone Law we will explore the strategic and tactical possibilities of your situation and will use our vast resources to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We understand the highly sensitive nature of every case for each and every individual that we represent. An allegation of a criminal offense can have a devastating impact on your reputation, livelihood and overall well-being. Let us protect your rights and your ability to live your life.

You will be involved at all stages of the process. The Justice system, each charge and potential defense will be explained to you in great detail and your questions will be answered. You will be aware of and will understand how the justice system operates and your input will be required as a part of the defense team. We will work together with you to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. It will be a result that will work for you and allow you to move forward with your life. Let us be of service to you today.

Stone Law provides all of our clients with the highest quality of representation and service. Therefore we are select about the clients that we accept. We do not overload ourselves specifically so that we can be available for you when you need us. We know that your future is the MOST important thing in your life and our clients hire us because they know that they are in safe hands with STONE LAW.