Good Afternoon Yelp Fans. I wanted to take a moment to let you all know what a special attorney Laura Stone has been for me! So mind you Laura is a Criminal Defense attorney but the first time I called her was to ask a few questions in regards to a speeding ticket. Laura did not have to take the time to speak to me let alone help me, but she did and she was very thorough. I did not have a pen in hand when I called her and moments after I asked her a quick question she had handful of information for me to write down. Well let’s just say I was learned very quickly that Laura is incredibly professional and takes her time and work very serious no matter how big nor small. I liked Laura before that phone call but I knew she would be first I call if I needed help in the future.

Unfortunately I received a DUI in 2011. At that time I was incredibly worried about repercussions etcetera. Luckily I had the next best thing. I phoned Laura an explained my newly acquired problem. After a few initial meetings my worries where quickly diffused with her sound knowledge and abilities. Long story short Laura was direct and to the point. She made it very easy for me to fulfill all my obligations that the court asked of me.

Bottom line I feel Laura Stone is an Amazingly talented Woman with fierce shark like moves all of which is a must have in any attorney I hire. With all that and more Laura has always been there for me when I needed. Not to mention Laura is absolutely Stunning. Thank you so very much Laura Stone.